REDBRIDGE HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS & PROJECTS LIMITED, also known as Redbridge Healthcare Group, is a family of businesses established in Nigeria with a focus on elevating the overall experience of healthcare in the frontier and emerging markets of Africa through:


  • Creating innovative solutions that address extant challenges


  • Investing in latent opportunities for future growth


  • Supporting the healthcare value chain with requisite knowledge and skills


The business energy of the group is channeled towards the same industry but  different markets;  same  goal  but  different  approach;  same  key  proposition  but  different solutions:


Using effective and affordable interventions, our businesses and solutions are ultimately geared towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pertaining to health.

We strongly believe that solving the healthcare challenges faced today in Africa will only happen through inclusive partnership efforts. Our business is therefore critically dependent on the motivation and willingness of partners around the world to provide the technology and platforms that give vibrant life to our ideas.