We are a Leader in Healthcare Solutions

We Develop People. Connect Markets. Manage Projects. Create Solutions


We are a family of businesses groomed to elevate the overall experience of healthcare in the frontier and emerging markets of Africa


Our vision is to be the most valuable healthcare conglomerate in Sub Saharan Africa.


Our  mission  is  to  help  Nigerians  and Africans at large enjoy  the  best  possible healthcare experience.

Our Strategic Business Units

We offer various services in the following units.

School of Healthcare Management

is focused on building the knowledge and skills capacity required to manage and lead healthcare systems, services, or businesses in Nigeria and across Africa. Read more

Health Spaces

is responsible for planning, designing, building, equipping, and managing hospitals or healthcare centres across Nigeria. Read more


provides health services leveraging existing and readily available ICT platforms to take healthcare closer to people, simplify access, increase convenience, enhance efficiency, ensure quality, and reduce cost of care. Read more

Health Meetings

is a healthcare events platform designed to promote knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration and ecommerce in the healthcare markets of Africa. Read more

Destination Medicare

assist patients to get the right care at the right centers within Nigeria and overseas. We provide an end-to-end medical travel solution for Nigerians and an array of destination options both locally & internationally. Read more

Medic Dispatch

is an EMS and Home Healthcare Company that is focused on redefining the experience of emergency medical services and home healthcare services in Sub-Saharan. Read more

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