REDBRIDGE HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS & PROJECTS LIMITED, also known as Redbridge Healthcare Group, is a family of businesses established in Nigeria with a focus on elevating the overall experience of healthcare in the frontier and emerging markets of Africa through:

  • Creating innovative solutions that address extant challenges
  • Investing in latent opportunities for future growth
  • Supporting the healthcare value chain with requisite knowledge and skills

The business energy of the group is channeled towards the same industry but different markets;  same  goal  but  different  approach;  same  key  proposition  but  different solutions:

  • Improving the  efficiency  of  healthcare  systems  and  businesses  in  Africa  by developing  its   management  &   leadership   capacity   through  our   training business.
  • Increasing value and new opportunities in the regional healthcare market by enabling strategic partnerships and connections through our niche conferencing business.
  • Developing and operating world class infrastructure for health service delivery in Africa  by  syndicating  investments  through  our  strategy  &  projects  consulting business.
  • Increasing convenient  access  to  healthcare  services  in  Africa  by  leveraging available information and communication technologies through our ehealth business.
  • Improving personal  health  experiences  by  organizing  &  supporting  health consumer populations through our wellness business.
Redbridge Healthcare Group was founded in 2008 as Redbridge Healthcare Management Company and operated as such from 2010 until a re-branding/re- structuring exercise in 2015.