ICT Health is a subsidiary of Redbridge Healthcare Group that provides health services enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Our goal is to bring healthcare closer to people, simplify access, increase convenience, enhance efficiency, ensure quality, and reduce cost through the existing and readily available ICT platforms.

Working with local and international technology partners, we develop efficient solutions that demonstrate robust knowledge of the healthcare setting and healthcare consumer needs.

We typically work closely with our client to:

  • identify the real solutions required in their situation
  • develop the business case to support the solution
  • set up the right processes to achieve the desired outcome
  • document the solution requirements and expected behavior
  • deploy and customize the solution
  • manage the change process.

Our health ICT solutions are typically designed to improve healthcare experience across Africa.

For enquiries, please contact: 

The COO, iHealth

E-mail: ihealthnigeria@gmail.com
Tel: +234 703 770 4748

Our Products

  • Masooz
  • Health Jobber
  • Health Square
  • Health Provida
  • Health Cover
  • Healthlytics

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